People, Love and Reality Links

“You came out of nowhere and rode off on a white stallion bringing 

my floating heart with you” – Anne Lacanaria 


“Sometimes when you need to let go of someone,

you also have to include the memories too” – Unknown



Funny how life can twist when someone pops out of nowhere. 

They came in uninvited, unexpected yet dashing like a prince/princess in days of contentment.

They walk into your life with so much charisma, left a trademark that no man/woman on earth could ever do.


And then, you begin to wonder why on earth such preference like him/her would like someone like you.

You begin to rationalized things and find out answers yet your heart is pounding like it never did before.

You begin to find answers why all of a sudden everything glitters and butterflies are now in your stomach.

You did never believe that it was it, you were scared but you were happy about it and the feeling is giggling.

People say it’s destiny, it’s your soulmate and he/she’s the one!

Everything’s perfect, his timing, his ways and it was magical, breathtaking.


For a short period of time his/her sentiments got a way in your heart and it so hard to believe yet,

You begin to pray and assume that everything with him/her would be perfect.

Great kids, cozy place to stay, wonderful in-laws, amazing family that loves God. 


Everything was going well; until one day it vanished, all gone! 

You were left alone yet still hoping but not heartbroken, it was a broken dreams for that someone. 

You moved on with your life and totally, undoubtedly forgot. 


It became memories and a part of your one most unforgettable and inspiring chapters of your life.

Got busy with real stuffs yet it was still there, memories that are still instilled in your deepest thoughts.


And, because the world is small; after several years of forgetting a person who was special to you back then. Pops out again out of nowhere with someone special in his/her life!


This time, it was not you! It was someone else…… 


  This made you realize that, ” When someone made you feel very special, they will always be a part of your life. They will always be there in your heart, a little part of your heart will always be with them” 


You can’t tell and explain but something that the eyes cannot see and the rationale mind cannot explain can understand. But there is not an amount of words that can really describe what it is. It’s just it! 


And all you can do was to be happy for them and pray all the best for them. 

But you will hope that someday too, someone will come along and override everything and make everything in the past (memories) all gone. 


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