Walking Away

Walking away to things you wanted so bad isn’t an indication of a weakling. It is a step to maturity, it is strength. When you know when to fight and when to walk away. Knowing whether you had enough or you haven’t done your best. You are not selfish for keeping something for yourself such as simple things that could make you happy. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first sometimes before others. You can’t just make yourself available and vulnerable at all times. Don’t hurt yourself so bad or put your happiness at risk so that people will like you or accept you. You don’t need to do a lot of adjustments for people to appreciate who you are as a person. Jesus Christ died for you and His love is more than enough. He loves you for who you are and your past will not define you. He has paid it all for you, no one and nothing on this earth could ever change the definition of Christ’s love for you.

Be strong enough to walk away from anything that is keeping you hurting because you are not meant to carry that. Strong enough to make a decision that what is enough is enough. Don’t yield to what your heart says because heart is deceitful, don’t be too weak to listen to what it says. But, guard it and daily pressing on to what is written for you. (yeah, the Bible) Always putting your confidence in faith. Faith can move mountains and His love will empower you. Yes, we have burdens that we are not supposed to carry and we can always unload it at the feet of Jesus. We just need to be brave enough to make the decision of whether we will carry it all throughout our journey or unload it, accept the fact that there are burdens that doesn’t really concerns us. But, we meddle and fuss about these things for some reasons. When you know that you don’t need it, don’t think it through and make some sort of excuses. Drop it off and walk the walk of faith. Always pursue what the Lord called you for, don’t get distracted with fake gold. This life is fleeting, we don’t have rewinds nor delete this section button. So, don’t draw back, draw in. Draw into His presence that He may reveal His deeper purpose in your life. Always think that what we do everyday is for God, it is a step by step process to what is destined for us. Each day He has given us a puzzle piece so that on the particular day that we will fulfill our destiny, we will be able to complete the whole picture.

Don’t get distracted, focus on the goal. Fix your eyes upon Jesus! Be blessed!


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