Seated on the window side of the train where I can vividly see everything and I just can’t seem to portray the beauty of it all. The view, where I was and what I felt. It is overwhelming, my eyes are about to drop a clear salty liquid secreted from the glands. Up to this day, I still can’t believe I am here. At the other side of the world, experiencing all of these. Seeing a lot of things, a wider perspective, a different point of view in everything. My heart is bursting from an unexplainable emotion coming from the depths of my being. And, there is nothing on earth could ever describe, no human literate enough to decipher it for me because it is way beyond human capacity. But, I am humbled for the fact that who am I for Him to blessed me this much. Who am I for Him to give me this kind of favour, who am I for Him to love and to care so much despite everything? I am nothing, I am no one, I am not perfect and I’m a mess. Yet, from the brokenness of yesterday He has given me a great spot in the world, to see everything in a bigger scale, for me to realize who He is really, of what He can do, of how capable He is of everything, of how omnipotent He is. 

If you are still in a state of wondering and asking why it needs to hurt so much, why is it taking a long time to process everything when all you’ve ever wanted was to heal and be happy. Wait on it, hold on, press on. He sees everything, you can never go wrong when you trust Him. Have faith, He knows everything. Trust in His will. Blessings! 


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