To You Who Broke My Heart

Its been a long time but I’m still picking up the fragments of my broken heart. I’ve been moving on and doing my best as you are. Probably, you thought I am strong enough to handle. But, you don’t know how painful, how excruciating the pain was. The damage you left wasn’t easy to fix as you think it would be. You crushed my soul, you left me a total wreck. I have given you my best, my all and my soul. You know what’s hard? Trying to gain confidence, dignity and feeding myself with lots of enriching positive messages to be able to stand up again. I need to empower myself to be able to live again and as much as possible be the better version of myself before I met you, before everything that we had. It is difficult, way too difficult. You know that I’ve been always needy, always been thirsty of attention and love. You know my life wasn’t perfect before I met you, you know everything about my dilemmas in life, my frustrations, my dreams and what I want. I offered you everything, the best of me despite how broken I was as a person. I did my best to love you with all that I can and be the woman of your dreams ’cause I know I am the total opposite. I may have it all in the eyes of others but for you I wasn’t enough because I wasn’t doing it the way you wanted it to be. For a very long time I paved my way through your heart in efforts I exert. For you to appreciate me, for you to know that you are important than anything else in this world. Up to this day, I still shed tears for everything that happened. But, I am fighting so hard because I know I was bought with a price by Jesus. I am special and I am worth it. I am fearfully and wonderfully made by Him. 

I won’t deny that I’m still haunted by the pain, it is taunting me in my dreams. Everytime I wake up I have this heavy feeling inside my chest that I can’t seem to describe, it’s hard to get off my chest. All I can do is cry it out to the Lord. Because, I know He got me and He will never forsake me. But even though, you broke my heart I still have the same prayer when we were still together. “for you to know, acknowledge that you need Jesus in your life, that you’ll finally come to know the reality of Him in everything. 

You are not to blame for everything because I am not perfect too and I’ve asked for forgiveness from you. And, even though you won’t ask for forgiveness, I’ve forgiven you. I am praying for all the best in your life. God bless you! Blessings! 

We will meet again but we will be strangers then. 


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